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Membership Manager

Membership Module

Features Includes:

Membership Integration throughout the FlipperSiteDeveloper site.

Membership Dashboard that displays total members, pending memberships, aged renewals, recent renewals, and members by type and more.Membership Console

Custom fields with drag-n-drop ordering of the fields, encrypted fields, member read only fields, hidden fields, and labels so that you can separate the fields into groups.

Renewal Reminders – up to three with ability to specify date triggers.

Online Membership Renewal will update membership expire date when online payment is made.

Auto-Renew Memberships option does not require any input for member or administrator.

Memberships can be publicly available or private/non-published.

Memberships can be sold with other items such as hats or t-shirts.

Memberships can be revoked by administrator.

Memberships are special Roles which are used to set permissions on sections of website.

Membership Status listed in their Profiles as well as membership history showing previous membership purchases.

Export Membership lists into Excel.

Multiple Membership Types with varying periods lengths.Membership and History

Members List Section

Members List Section lists a defined selection of members where Admin selects the roles they want in the list and the fields they want included in the summary grid and optionally a detailed grid.

Membership Lists Section that allows filters by Role. This allows sub-membership lists such as committees which could have their own unique summary and detail lists. Members List w/Search

They can also choose to allow an Excel download. The lists can optionally be searched and primary fields can be sorted.

Since this is a Flipper module you have all of the security and layout options that other Flipper modules have.

 You can have many Members List sections within a site.