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Training Resources
File iconmm of Wichita 0211.pps
Size: 9 MB
Presentation comparing National and Wichita Advertising in the mid-1960s.
File iconKHA trade show Hospital Show 1110.pps
Size: 3 MB
A review of Flipper clients affiliated with KHA.
File iconKHA trade show 1110.pps
Size: 5 MB
Review of New Flipper Websites and Social Media Recommendations
File iconF of F Module Updates 1110.pps
Size: 754 KB
Friends of Flipper Seminar, November 2010. Presentation showing latest Flipper Updates.
File iconF of F pres Soc Media 1110.pps
Size: 2 MB
Friends of Flipper Seminar, November 2010.
File iconF of F pres Web Rev 1110.pps
Size: 4 MB
Friends of Flipper Seminar, November 2010.
Review of current customer websites and how they use Flipper features.
File iconFlipperUTrainingManualV3-6.pdf
Size: 4 MB
This is the most recent version of the Flipper users manual.