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User Roles & Security

The security of FlipperSiteDeveloper™ is based almost entirely on User Roles. A User Role is nothing more than a group of Users. Each User Role is assigned permissions appropriate to that group of Users. A User can be in more than one User Role, and a User Role can contain one or more Users.

Three examples of User Roles might include Everyone, Staff, and Members.

User Role Explanation

While many of your Sections will be available to Everyone, some may only be available to Staff. You might want to have a Section that any Member can edit, but only Staff can delete.

Role Maps display the effective permissions per section of your website.  Administrators can view the roles and combination of roles to see which sections users have access to.  User permissions are easy to see and to audit. To view assigned roles once selected, use the Display button to see the color coded map.  If you want to edit a security setting or see the page, right click on the section.