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Dynamic Registration

FlipperSiteDeveloper™ has a Dynamic Registration page which allows your users to register for access to secure areas or to be notified when new content is added to your Web site.  Flipper also gives you the flexibility to create your very own custom fields for your User Registration page. Not only can you customize fields, but you can create as many fields as you like. You may choose between Text Input fields, Text Area fields, Drop Down Lists with custom options, Radio Button Lists, and Check boxes. You can define which custom fields the user and edit, read only or hidden (for admin view only).


Want to ask every new User a Yes or No question when they sign up? How about a hundred Yes or No questions? With Flipper, it's a piece of cake.  Just set up a series of Radio Buttons.

Want to allow your new Users to select from a certain set group of options? Try a Drop Down List. Try a dozen of them.

Need to allow your Users to select more than one option in answer to a question when they sign up? A Check box List is perfect for you.

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